Not reaching the heights of success even though you are qualified, determined, hardworking, honest and doing all that what it takes?

Why is your business not doing well, despite putting an unimaginable amount of effort?

Why are your personal relationship and family life are experiencing turbulence though you tried your best to turn the situation around and keep things green?

Why are you becoming unhealthy and often taking a hit by illnesses and sicknesses?

It’s because…

You BELIEVE that the struggle you are undergoing currently in your life is already scripted and you are just performing your part.

For a moment, STOP believing that!

What if we told you that it’s NOT all scripted and an ancient SCIENCE called numerology can be of help to rescue you and offer you LIFE-CHANGING opportunities ahead?

We are not just presenting you a HYPOTHETICAL scenario but we want you to know that a BREATHTAKING number of people have applied the ancient science of numerology to their lives and have experienced a REMARKABLE CHANGE in their lives. The energy, money, health, love & relationships, the business you name the aspect, numerology can have a profound effect on the way things work in the background for you.

If you are curious to know how numerology can help? It’s as simple as learning the numerological aspects of your NAME & DATE OF BIRTH.


The NUMBERS matter.

And most of the times it’s YOUR NAME that could be causing the ROADBLOCK.

With numerology, these roadblocks can be removed, shattered and unblocked for you to start attracting all those wonderful results you TRULY DESERVE in your life, almost like a MAGIC.

How and WHERE to BEGIN the journey of UNBLOCKING the bottlenecks in your life?

You will start with as simple as a Name and Date of Birth Analysis and learn what are those numbers associated with your date of birth and name. Once you know those numbers, you will understand if those numbers are harmonious to your name. It could be your personal name, business name, spouse name,  mobile number, vehicle number and so on.

A professional numerologist like Sheelaa M Bajaj (who is the co-founder of this portal) can figure out the good and bad sides of your name and date of birth and can suggest a NAME CORRECTION to balance the negative effects that are hindering your growth because of the associated planets against your numbers. 
Thinking about how to get your name analysis or date of birth analysis done to know your own numbers? Please use one of the reports (we suggest you go for the name correction report)  and take the FIRST STEP in CHANGING your LIFE and attracting the MAGIC.

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Numerology Reports – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy These Reports?

Click on each report below and it will take you through the online shopping journey where you will enter your basic details and purchase the reports online. After that, your premium reports will be delivered to you in 2-3 days directly to your email.

Are These Reports Accurate?

These reports are exclusively developed for this report under the guidance and supervision of Sheelaa M Bajaj herself.

How Many Days Do the Reports Take to Arrive?

In most of the cases, we will provide you the reports in less than 3 days.

What is the Format of these Reports?

Reports will be delivered to your email in PDF format.

How many Pages?

Each report varies in terms of a number of pages. The name correction report on average consists of 30 pages of highly personal numerology readings about you.

What information do I need to provide?

As soon as you buy a report, you will be emailed with a link in which you need to provide your name, date of birth details so that we derive key numerology details that are very specific to you.

Most importantly, these PDF reports are vetted for accuracy and relevance by Sheelaa M Bajaj herself and you would also get a name correction done by Sheelaa M Bajaj in case your name needs to be balanced to align with numerology numbers.